Music Services-Mood Playlist

Music services – Mood Playlist

Mainstream Sounds
Frédéric Auger, Anna Zimmer - Dance In The Ocean
George Henry Morgan, Nicholas Chuan Mann Tsang - The Moment
Jermain Brown, Dion, Miles Lianson - One Touch
Margot Cavalier, Karin Nobbs - For The Best
Mo Brandis, Harry Matthew Tarlton - Drinks On Me
Van Life
Ben Cocks, Chris White - Big Blue Sky
Minnie Benoliel, Claude Pelouse - Radiant Morning
Raúl del Moral Redondo, Erica Lynn Deskins - Love Sick Crazy
Andrea Perry - A Long Time Ago
Raul Bonilla Vendrell - Happiness is a Hair s Breadth Away
On The Rocks
Alexander (Xandy) Barry (Laurel Street), Erica Driscoll - In the Light of Day
Gordon Turner, Samuel West - Irresistible
Ian Paul Barnard, Tristan Ivemy - Storm Into The Daylight
James Clements, Matthew Clements, Jak Paxton - Brain Drain
Tom English, Duncan Lloyd, Paul Smith - Too Serious
Piano Lovers
Franz Liszt - Annees De Pelerinage Italie 3 Canzonetta Del Salvator Rosa
Frederic Chopin - Nocturne No1 in B flat minor Op9 No1
Frederic Chopin - Nocturne No19 in E minor Op72 No1
Ludwig Van Beethoven- 12 Variations On See The Conquering Hero Comes Thema
Robert Alexander Schumann - Kinderszenen 1 Von Fremden Ländern Und Menschen
Smooth Pop
Christopher John Hutchings - Do My Own Thing
Claude Pelouse - Happiness Moment
James Oliver Hutchinson, Andrea Christina Obeid - Best Day
Mo Brandis, Bea Munro, Harry Matthew Tarlton - Supanova
Joleen Belle, Julia Michaels, Joachim Svare - N That s Whats Up
Chill Out Vacations
Brett Engel - Daydreaming In Tokyo
Keegan Meiring - Be Alright
Laurent LOMBARD - Sunny Today
Le Fat Club, Claude Pelouse - Club Soda
Nathaniel Reeves - Kick Back Relax
Summer Lounge
Per-Anders Nilsson - Hop Along
Laurent Lombard - Rocksteady
Timo Hohnholz, Carsten Wegener - Sunrise Samba
Benjamin William Castle, Danny Fromajio - Cheese on the Beach
Sacha James Collisson, Vance Westlake - Day & Night
High Five Lo-Fi
Camille Ballon - Moon Rider
Chris Penny ,Skinny Williams - Quiescent Intersection
François - Maxime Boutault - Cozy Lo-Fi
Hyun Seek Jeong - Extravagance
Thomas Gallicani - Lo-Fi Serenity
Classical Music
George Friedrich Handel - Music For The Royal Fireworks La Rejouissance
Antonin Dvorak - Symphony No.9 in E minor 3 Scherzo
George Friedrich Handel - Water Music Suite Alla Hornpipe
Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata And Fugue In D minor BWV565 DG
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No21 in C 2 Andante
Vintage Vibes
Charles Oliver, James Fitzgerald-Barron - Baby Beretta
Israel Mariscal Torres, Abel Mariscal Torres - Verano Azul
James Graham - Can t Help But Love You
Paul Joseph Smith - Those Lazy Days
Shawn Lee - In The Neighborhood
80s Revival
Christopher James Alcock, Tom Bootle - Believe
Eleanor Kay Nolan, Alfie Solo, Jennifer Wythe - I Never Give Up
Marc Ferrari, Joseph Michael McGregor - Catch Me If You Can
Samuel Grant Beresford, Bryan James Sammis - Miami Vice
Christopher James Dececio, Undy - Flashback 85
Afro Beat
Basiame, Danskiy Beats - Gimme Love
Runman - Fight For You
Alexander Hitchens, Ki-An Kambaran - Invincible
Charles Stephens III, Romano Verhoef - I.C.O.N.S
Muisha Hubert Batundi - Live Your Life
Asian Infusion
Denis Kontrec - Sightseeing in Pristina
Omar Fadel - Olives and Cardamom
Ran Gerson - Enigmatic Aaliya
Wen Hao Zhou - Ancient Japan
Zong Kun Zhou - One Night in Tokyo
Beach Please
Andrew David Robinson - Addicted To You
Camille Beluze, Sylvain Lux - I m Walking All Along
Christopher James Dececio, Undy - Island Vibe
Jonathan Averbook, Derek Long, August Eve Rios - Need You To Say It
Marti Amado, TS Gauntlett, Warren Sellers - Here Comes The Summer
Bossa Nova Lounge
Brice Davoli - Love Is All over the Place
Cliff Haywood , Paul Reeves - The Girls with the Pearls
Daniel Ee Hsiung Chai - Love In The Summer Morning Breeze
Jack Dieval - Minha Rosa
Joseph Gadi Caplan - A Latin Winter
Classical Guitar
Paul Viapiano - Air On A G String
Paul Viapiano - Canon in D
Paul Viapiano - Dance Of The Little Swans
Paul Viapiano - From The New World
Paul Viapiano - Fur Elise
Elevator Up & Down
Marc Barrachina Sanchez - Carioca
Charles Boud, Amy Caddies McKnight - Ostentatious
Marc Ferrari, Daniel May - Careless Whisper
Georgia Nicholas Winter - Opulence
Marc Ferrari, Daniel May - Shopping Spree
Fade to Grey
Alexander Hitchens, Mayila Jones - Doin Me
Arun Chaturvedi, Luke McMaster - Cheat Code
Christopher James Dececio, Undy - Nobody Else
Jonathan Josue Monroy, Matthew Todd Naylor - That Feeling
Keeley Shay Speck, Kyle Devine Steckley - Love Like That
Future Funk
Evan Bryan Ambrose, Bryan James Sammis - Dance Dance
Julius Gotterbarm, Ben Jannik Pfeiffer - What s Your Name Again
Mo Brandis, Harry Matthew Tarlton - What s Next
Sebastian Pecznik - Say My Name
Tom Prendergast, Jamie Westgarth Shield - Fast Life
Golden Years
Daniel Nel·lo Colom - Torna con Me
Eric Caspar - Funk Fever
Ilan Abou, Sylvain Lux - Go Dancing
Michael Ellgren - Swinging Along
Robert Edward Bradley - In The Pocket
Happy Jazz
Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra - Hurly Burly
Chris Banks, Wag Marshall Page - Big Band Boogie
Emanuel Kallins, Chieli Minucci - Key Of Swing
Eric Gemsa, Nicolas Rabaud - Dance On Boogie
Gary Crockett, Jay Glover, Dominic Glover - Clap Your Hands
Laidback Piano
Angus Pendergast - Frostfall
Eric Chevalier - Human Bonds
James Laurence Heather - Yadda Yadda
Janet Overfield - Light Rain
Laurel Violet Lewis - Wildflower
Latin Fusion
Georges Bizet,Jonas Pomo - El Baile del Carmen
Javier Enrique Fioramonti - The Cumbia Swing
Jonas Pomo - I Love You Baby
Michael Ellgren - Moody Mambo
Michael Gorman - Cuban Kings
Eleanor Kay Nolan, Alfie Solo, Jennifer Wythe - I Never Give Up
Power Pop
Andrew Michael Britton, Wayne Anthony Murray - Unbreakable
Arllo Beckett, Ziggy Sullivin - You Helped Me Believe
Ian Paul Barnard, Tristan Ivemy - Thunder And Lightning
Martin Bak, Jacob Diab - Dynamite
Noah James Mitchell, Garrett Weyenberg - Rise Up
Rainy Days
Andrew Michael Britton, Michelle Hodge - Black Is The Colour
Arun Chaturvedi, Luke McMaster - Wave Hello, Say Goodbye
Benjamin Ian Cocks - So Cold
Christopher James Dececio, Undy - I Wanna Be
Wally Gagel, Tamar Mardirossian - Come Home
Roots From Jamaica
Gavin Brown, Marc Ferrari, Matt Hirt - Good Must Prevail
Daniel Nel·lo Colom - Love on the Island
Marc Ferrari, Louise Phyllis Goldberg - We Move Forward
Gavin Brown, Marc Ferrari, Matt Hirt - Thank You Jah
Daniel Nel·lo Colom - Oh Gina
Andrew Michael Britton, David Goldsmith, Niamh McNally - What Does It Matter
Edward Black, Matilda Maddocks - Sweetest Thing
James R. Ewers, Elliot Nash - Just You and Me
Jonathan Averbook, Sharde Collins - No Ride (For You & I)
Wally Gagel, Tamar Mardirossian - Feels So Good
Greggory Covington, Alexander Hitchens - Stand For Something
Phil McArthur - Just In Time
Alexander Hitchens, Brandon Terrill Lowe - Skin That Im In
Iseah Damone Bentley, Jeffrey Adam Holmes - Black Excellence
Sharde Collins, Alexander Hitchens - A Change Gon Come
Alt Pop
Lukas Dolphin, Peter Jay Jordan - On Fire
Eleanor Kay Nolan, Alfie Solo, Jennifer Wythe - I Never Give Up
Ben Barlow, Mo Buckley - I Just Breathe
John Bisset, David John Parsons - bloodstream 1999
James R. Ewers, Elliot Nash - Just You and Me
Relax Your Mind
Thomas Richard Balmforth, Bob Bradley - City Atmosphere
Bob Bradley, Harrison Stanford - Deep Sleep
Al Lethbridge - Ebbing Tide
François Delfin, Stephane Huguenin - By Night
Sergey Azbel - Origin
Made In Spain
Raul del Moral Redondo - Esta Canción
Ramon Berlanga Vendrell - Mi nuevo camino
Arnau Giordani Calsina, Miki Grau - Vuela Baby Blue
Ramon Berlanga Vendrell - No soy tu principe azul
Raul Bonilla Vendrell - Cuarto Y Mitad
United States of Country
Ryan Rehm - Dance With Me
Ryan Necci - Shoulda Listened To My Girls
Luke Albery, Joe Dworniak, Matt Fisher - On A Roll
Gabriel Charles Kirshoff, Bill Markt - Wanna Do
Patrick Cunningham, Clayton Ryan - All Bad Things
Funk It Up
Andrew David Robinson - Money Talks
Anthony Donje, Paul Simon Elliott, Jasper Sean Wilkinson - Disco Delight
Charles Oliver James Fitzgerald-Barron - Easy Life
James Joseph Johnson, Anders Johan Greger Lewen] - Feel So Good
Ken Bowley, Phil Smith - Funky House
House Party
Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom - I Am Ready Now
Camille Ballon - Mai Tai Sunset
Therese Grankvist, Klas Johan Wahl - When Tomorrow Comes
Thomas Jack Foley, Anna Price - All Day All Night
Timothy Charles Laws, Oscar Mason - Body Want You