Air Arabia


Arabic Pop

The best of Arab pop. Listen to the most popular songs that are topping the music charts in the Arab world. Hit play and enjoy.

Christopher James Alcock, Tom Bootle - Believe
Eleanor Kay Nolan, Alfie Solo, Jennifer Wythe - I Never Give Up
Marc Ferrari, Joseph Michael McGregor - Catch Me If You Can
Samuel Grant Beresford, Bryan James Sammis - Miami Vice
Christopher James Dececio, Undy - Flashback 85
Top 40 for over 40s

Remember those days of vinyl and cassette tapes? Those days when you had to be next to the radio all day to hear your favorite song? Listen and remember those hits that you enjoyed so much and that left indelible marks on your life.

Top 40 for over 40s
Today Top Hits

Only the best and coolest of current popular music. Listen to the songs that top the charts and the newest trends.

Today Top Hits
Smooth Voices

Heartwarming renditions that will blow you away. Unforgettable voices, melodies that give you goosebumps. Get ready and let yourself go.

Smooth Voices
Capuccino Clouds

Warm coffee, a comfortable seat and beautiful soft tunes…perfection.
Songs that transport us to an important moment in our lives. Relax and enjoy.

Capuccino Clouds

An exquisite selection of classic jazz, genuine jazz from the roots to the tip. Enjoy the most virtuous exponents of the genre and the musical richness that only this musical style can express.


Mood Playlist

Arabic Orchestra
Abed Hathot - Welcome Back
Abed Hathot - Night By The Nile
Nic Paton - Anouar
Nicholas Alan Paton - Zikr
Oded Fried-Gaon, Abed Hathot - 7th Star
Oud Traditional
Rachid Halihal - L attar
Rachid Halihal - Ana Dene Den Allah
Rachid Halihal - Elazri
Rachid Halihal - Kaftan k Mahloul
Rachid Halihal - Alalla Y lali
Arabic Inflections
Nic Paton - Zanzibar
Nic Paton - Oasis Nights
Nic Paton, Chris Tokalon - Al Majoz
Nic Paton, Chris Tokalon - Dance of the Flames
Nic Paton, Chris Tokalon - Freygish of Tamazgha
Desert Landscapes
Glenn Sharp - Ancient Tales
Nic Paton, Chris Tokalon - Passage of Ra
Glenn Sharp - Desert At Dusk
Paul Cheneour, Glenn Sharp - Arabian Legends
Paul Cheneour, Glenn Sharp - The Sandstorms
Classical Music
George Friedrich Handel - Music For The Royal Fireworks La Rejouissance
Antonin Dvorak - Symphony No.9 in E minor 3 Scherzo
George Friedrich Handel - Water Music Suite Alla Hornpipe
Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata And Fugue In D minor BWV565 DG
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No21 in C 2 Andante
Mainstream Sounds
Frédéric Auger, Anna Zimmer - Dance In The Ocean
George Henry Morgan, Nicholas Chuan Mann Tsang - The Moment
Jermain Brown, Dion, Miles Lianson - One Touch
Margot Cavalier, Karin Nobbs - For The Best
Mo Brandis, Harry Matthew Tarlton - Drinks On Me
Summer Lounge
Per-Anders Nilsson - Hop Along
Laurent Lombard - Rocksteady
Timo Hohnholz, Carsten Wegener - Sunrise Samba
Benjamin William Castle, Danny Fromajio - Cheese on the Beach
Sacha James Collisson, Vance Westlake - Day & Night
Van Life
Ben Cocks, Chris White - Big Blue Sky
Minnie Benoliel, Claude Pelouse - Radiant Morning
Raúl del Moral Redondo, Erica Lynn Deskins - Love Sick Crazy
Andrea Perry - A Long Time Ago
Raul Bonilla Vendrell - Happiness is a Hair s Breadth Away