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Professional content and systems for communication, marketing and sound.


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We are the most complete and effective marketing audio system

  • We trigger emotions which help to transmit the messages and values of your brand.
  • We improve the shopping experience of your customers.
  • We can help you to increase the permanence time at the selling point.
  • We reinforce brand recognition and we help you to increase your sales.

Manage the audio channel of your stores as a large radio station.


Personalize the sound of your company to the max. A radio sound that is connected to your product values and creates strong emotional bonding with your clients.


With the background music service you have 4 channels with thousands of songs at your reach. Ready for exchanges whenever you want.

Huephonic is more than background music

Music is a universal language that excites and influences our mood.


Musical selection

We carefully select each of the songs that will sound on your channel.

Equipment and engineering

We design the best systems for your company, supply, equipment, installation and technical assistance.

Customer experience

Techniques and content which enrich your customer’s visit.

Legal; public display

We advise you on your obligations regarding the dissemination of content.

Channel Monetization

Atypical income or alliances with suppliers or partners through a direct and effective media.

Online study

Your message will sound anywhere in the world in several languages, in just 24 hours.

RHuePhonic Player

In Huephonic we have created with ECLER our own player. Musical contents in high quality sound with professional guarantee. Ethernet and WiFi connection. Front panel with LCD display and local controllers.


A professional team with experience

Huephonic is an audio marketing service created by lahuella Creative Studios (Barcelona 2007), a company with solid experience in music production and soundbrand that has worked for major brands worldwide.


Huephonic is a service of lahuella Creative Studios